Monday, November 03, 2008

Are You a Leader?

* Do other people’s failures annoy you or challenge you?

* Do you “use” people, or cultivate people?

* Do you direct people, or develop people?

* Do you criticize, or encourage?

* Do you shun or seek out the person with a special need or problem?

I like to think of my self as a leader. But after reading this list I realize I still have a long way to become a 'true' leader.


What do you think? Are these characteristics possible to live up to?


Sarah Elwer said...

Where did you get this list from? These are all great things to look at - but I'm not sure those just those questions can actaully show if a person is a leader or not... it just seems like there should be more too it.

Ben & Ruth said...

Hey Sarah, I got this list from a 'random' forward email. I liked it only because I was quickly convicted with how I treat people. F.Y.I. not always the ‘positive’ side of the leadership email…


Ben & Ruth said...

Do you think something should be
'added' to the list?