Sunday, October 26, 2008

Culture of the Week...

My apologies for 'Culture of the Week!". I know we just started this new idea of culture of the week and then didn't do it... Well, with Ruth being gone and things being busier then over it was pushed aside for now. But I promise it'll be coming back in full fury once Ruth gets back and things settled down a bit. So just wait a bit and check back in a few weeks. We still have a lot of great culture stuff to share with you and I'm working on a few things now and then when I have a chance.

bye for now,

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Baldi said...

Hey Ben,
Thanks for your comment :-)!
Hey, we heard about all that stuff going on, a couple of weeks ago and since then we have been praying for all of you! Every school day starts with a prayer time, so its a great opport. to think of you :-)!
How are u doing? U pause Imlac right?
Here in Ponti, everything is going well! Had a couple of though days in the beginning but God managed it and I can feel more settled and home. The school is a great experience and really fun with the kids.
I coming down to Salatiga on the 20th December. Visiting the guys :-) and then we head out Bali! So maybe we'll see each other!
That would be great!
Wish you a good week and a lot of strenght and patience with your kids :-)
You'll make it man!