Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Update

Well, I've been wanting to write 'a little' family update for a while now. All-in-all we're doing pretty good. Ruth is feeling a lot better now that things with her sister Joanna and family are getting better. We continue to do our best to study the Indonesian language and build relationships with our neighbors and others we meet around town on a regular basis.

NTM will be giving us language evaluations every once in a while to see how we're progressing in the Indonesian language and to help us to focus on what we need to study next. Ruth had her first eval this last week and did fairly well with a proficiency level of Progressing low! I have my first eval today and only hope to be able to do as well!

As for 'Culture of the Week', We're working on it! We really want to be a able to update a 'new' piece of culture every Monday or so but with this month being dedicated to Ramadan it's making things a little harder then I thought. We're working on '2' culture aspects right now but there a bit hard to get. But no worries we hope to be able to update soon.

We'll report in again soon! As for now enjoy a little video we saw from our friends blog recently! I tend to go through my day humming the song from this video.... :-D

Thx Phil & Shell


Glidewell Family said...

Hello Kanes,
We have two Indonesian families here who are in training to be a pilot and mechanic with NTMA so we are getting some Indo culture.We've been praying every night for your sister and her family. So sad we can't watch any more videos on blogs as NTMA has this censored here, :-(

Pastor Rob Foster said...

Great, now I have that song stuck in my head.

Ben & Ruth said...

Ha! That's so funny Rob! I even try to NOT watch the video when I see it on our blog... I know it'll do me in every time!


P.S. Sorry about the censored NTMA Glidewell's