Saturday, August 09, 2008

Some Technical Difficulties

Well this week we started to experience some problems with our trusting Toshiba lap top. I guess it is 3 years old and we've heard that's about when they start to have some issues but just never expected it! Ruth was working on it when the screen just went black! It turned out that for a while you could just shut the lid and re-open fast and the screen would give you another 10 sec to a min. before it would go black again. Well, of course that got worse and worse so I had to do my best to delete our important documents and internet passwords and take it into the 'fix it shop' in town. They said it was to difficult (Susa) for them to fix but that they could send it into a Toshiba 'fix it' shop for me (for a price...) and maybe they could fix it and maybe they can not. Either way they told me it would be about two weeks before I heard anything or before I would see it again (not sure which one...).

All this to say we are now using our trusting Mac to do 'all' our communications and work but there is '1' problem. It seems our internet provider HATES Mac's and we can only access certain sites at certain times, if at all... So are ability to update our website and check others is limited and very frustrating!

So let us pray that our laptop is fixed and mailed back soon!

Grace & Peace,

P.S. this post would normally take me about 5 minutes but it's taken me close to an hour. Good thing I got some Indonesian flash cards next to me on my desk!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about that you guys.