Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Best News Of Her Life... : - )

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them...

We've been reading through a book that New Tribes Mission sells called 'The Lamb' by John R. Cross. This book is VERY good in that it explains the Bible in very simple pieces for children to understand.

It really was the greatest feeling to be reading through this book chapter by chapter and to see Chloe understand it and really be passionate about it! The best part was Chloe didn't really know the whole story of the Bible so there was a week or so there when we were talking about having to find/buy a perfect lamb to kill for her sins... But get this! When we we're reading the last Chapter about Jesus having to die (and raise from the dead) and be punished on the cross as a perfect man to take upon Himself the punishment that we should receive form a perfect God and all we have to do is believe in what Jesus did for us and we too will be made perfect and live with God in heaven for ever and she was 'off the walls ecstatic'!!! I mean it was like watching a really great Tribal video right in our own bed room, but with our own little girl!!! aaahhhhhh

We of course plan to continue to build on this foundation as she gets older and her understanding will increase more and more. For now we think we'll tuck away the book for a while or at least only read it to Chloe and wait to read it to Gwen again until she gets older for her understanding ability. Don't want to ruin the good ending for her!

**This is how the chapters are laid out if your interested...
God made it all
What God is like
The bad angels
A wrong choice
Who to trust
The rescue plan
Right and wrong
The promised Savior
Our perfect Lamb
Alive Forever


erica durham said...

Yea! What amazing news. :)
I love hearing what you guys are doing and how your family is growing in faith. I will continue to pray for you. Thanks for all the updates.

Anonymous said...

Very Encouraging News! I was able to put it into a Powerpoint this summer and do it for a bunch of unchurched kids at camp. The response was overwhelming as we "raced thru the Bible" in a week. We did the whole book and they (4-8 yr. olds) sat in chapel quiet for over an hour each morning. (of course I did throw in some songs and funny stuff) I was shocked. I was also amazed at the questions and statements the kids made and what they believed. Great book. Highly recommended! Hi Chloe & Gwen! Love, Jinni

Joel and Alaina said...

wow, that book sounds really good - i'm going to the mall today, so i'll have to check into it! thanks for the update; it's great seeing how excited chloe is about learning about the bible. having parents that love the Lord, has set up a good foundation for teaching her about Christ's death and the significance that it carries!