Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chloe's been making some 'new' friends! : -)

Welcome To Indonesia!
For those of you that know Chloe you also might not know that she "LOVE'S" bugs and insects!

(A nice BIG toad in our back yard)

(A great big STICK bug Chloe found in the side yard!)

(And the usual MASSIVE beatle Chloe found in the front!)


micah and erica said...

wow,I'm so surprised that she's not afraid of huge bugs and frogs! That's pretty cool. You are one courageous family! praying for you, -erica

JEves said...

Oh, my word. . . does she seriously not care about having bugs crawl on her? That toad is HUGE!!! The critters that we find here the kids can not touch or it may be the last thing they touch!