Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Package Has Arrived!

Yes! Praise the Lord, the package (being Ruth & Gwen of course) arrived late last night! Their plane was delayed going out of New Hampshire & then delayed again going out of Washington! Their flight didn't end up landing in L.A.X until about 10p.m. last night. After finally getting their bags & then driving up to Big Bear (where we're enjoying our last weekend in the States with family), we pulled up to the cabin at 1 a.m! It's been a long 24 hrs or so for Ruth & Gwen!!!

Thanks so much for your prayer! Now that we're home, it's 'game on' for going to the airport tomorrow and then flying out for Indonesia!

P.S. My brother Chris and his wife Melissa made their flight last night from WI with no problem and we're enjoying them very much! :)


JC said...

Crazy Kane Family!!! We are so stoked for you!!! We miss you guys and Love you!

Praying that everything goes smooth tomorrow and that the flight over goes as planned!

Cheering you on,


FennellFanClub said...

Yay! What an answer to prayer. I was so nervous for you guys. We'll be praying for a safe flight for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like "a little lee-way"...Cute picture. What a great pre-cursor to the Grand Life Adventure! We'll continue to pray for you and look forward to cool pictures like Whatleys. Indo here you come! Shafers