Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One Week from Today!

Can you believe it?! One week from today we go to the airport to fly out to Indonesia!!! We technically don't fly out until Tuesday morning but we have to check in Monday night before we fly out. We'll probably get there early and find some nice little corner/hovel in the airport to try and lay the girls down for sleeping time while we wait 4 hrs or so before we take off. Please be praying for us as you think of this next week and all the traveling were going to be doing...

Your partners in the Church,

P.S. Chloe and I are back from visiting my Mom in AZ. We had a really good time visiting with her and seeing some other AZ family here and there. Love you Mom!
As for now Chloe & I are going to be doing some last minute packing, odd & ends & some Christian small groups before Ruth & Gwen get back on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Wait a sec, you guys are at 50% and leave in a week, won't that put you in the red before you even land in country?

Sarah Elwer said...

can't see the picture :(