Sunday, March 30, 2008

Selling our Car!

With only having about 2 weeks left before we all leave for Indonesia we need to sell our car! We have an add on some websites but thought we would also post it on our website so that you can pray it sells soon & maybe you know of someone who looking for a good vehicle!

2001 SUBARU FORESTER L FULLY LOADED SPORT UTILITY AWD $5700.00 BEAUTIFUL SILVER LOOKING NEW, NON-SMOKER, A/C IS ICE COLD, 4 DOOR, NEW TIRES, PREMIUM SOUND, AM/FM, CD, HAVE SERVICE RECORDS, GREAT ON GAS 26miles a gal., LOOKS & RUNS AWESOME, MUST SEE! ALL THE MILES ARE HIGHWAY MILES & REDUCED THE PRICE BUT NOT THE VALUE IN THIS STRONG RUNNING SUV Must sell soon! selling at $1,100 under blue book because we're leaving the country in two weeks!!! People just don't know how nice these SUVs are. We sure love ours and hate to see it go! They are so dependable we've never had anything go wrong, just normal maintenance. SOMEONE is going to get a GOOD DEAL!

Contact us for more info or if you would like to see it.
~The Kane's


Norm & Debra said...

We will keep our ears out for you, see if any of our friends and family need a car in Cally. We are praying for you in your last minute preparations. Good luck! We will miss you guys dearly!

JC said...

Crazy...Only two weeks!!!!

How is everything coming together?

Joan said...

A+ on advertising. Gosh, now I want to buy it just because how you said all those nice things about your car.

I can't believe you're about to go. I'm super excited for you guys.