Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kane Travels!

We can't believe it! We counted up the miles and hours (w/ map quest) last night from our trip from East to West with all the stops in between.
-And the total miles & hours on the road are...

Miles: 4,304
Hours: 70

After thinking about getting lost a few times and all the road stops (eating, bathroom, gas) I'm sure the trip time was more like 80 hrs (2 whole work weeks of being on the road)!

All-in-all we had a good trip! Getting to enjoy many family & friends before leaving for Indonesia in April was great. Though being on the road for two & a half months has been hard on the family. But one BIG life experience to remember for sure!

Sorry we didn't get a chance to see everyone!
We love you,
-Ben, Ruth, Chloe & Gwendolyn

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