Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Chloe's Birthday Today!!

O.K. so it's not really Chloe's Birthday today, it's tomorrow. But tomorrow (Sunday) was looking to be a little to busy for everyone so we decided to bump it up a day. The best part is she has NO idea!
So if you would like to come over or give us a call and sing to here today would be a good day to do it! Sorry for any confusion. We'll try to post some pictures and maybe even a video soon!

Happy Birthday Chloe!


The Abbotts said...

Hi Chloe!

I miss you a lot! I talk about you all the time. (I even pretend you are here when im playing) I can't wait until we all get to Indonesia on the big plane and can play together again! Anyway happy birthday, Im singing it you ok.

Luv ya,

carly said...

tell chloe happy birthday! her and i share a pretty good birthday! :) and tell her i love her!