Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Share & Stare

Last night Ruth & I had a great opportunity to share with some of the students here at the NTM Missions Training Center about 'Pre-field Ministry'. We all met in a classroom and some said we had a really good turn out! I mostly did the talking for about 40min. & Ruth help out a little when she could. The students here had a lot of really good questions about what this time (before leaving for the mission field) looks like & what were doing with it. We got to tell them all about our travels, what we say at churches, how we handle communication & our daily schedule. The overall thought we tried to convey was how this time for us is about helping out the best we can while building relationships and partners for our future ministry.

-Thanks to everyone who made it!

(great group!)

(Ruth & I up front)

(always having fun!)

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