Thursday, November 15, 2007

Arizona at last!

We made it… almost. This past Tuesday we arrived in Arizona to visit Ben’s Mom. Our last stop before we end in California. Praise the Lord for safety in our trip so far.

We had a great visit in Colorado (above picture) with our friends Smuck & Laban and Katie Matthews and their two little girls Poppy and Ivy. Thanks so much for visit we had with you guys. We love you and will miss you a ton!

Thank you to everyone for praying for our trip. We are tired of driving, but have so enjoyed seeing and spending time with all of you as we could. Arizona is beautiful and we have been enjoying some nice warm weather… temps in the 80’s! Here is a little pic of us and Ben’s Mom with Her dog Prisca. We have really had a great time so far and the girls are so excited to be at “Nonie's” house!!!



Glidewell Family said...

I don't know what is worse the long driving trip that last days or the 21hr flight in a tube to Indo. You let me know when you've been there and done that. With the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of you all with a pudgy Prisca, looks like!! She must be settling in VERY well! Ruth - new cut? The girls look great! It's quite cold here now, 16F last night, wow! Love, Mom