Saturday, July 07, 2007

The logest day of my life! 39hrs...

Yesterday I flew 16.5 hrs and now I'm back in the good old U.S.A!

Yes, yesterday was the longest day of my life. I awoke at at 5:00am and left for the air port in Jakarta. I then flew to Hong Kong (4hrs & 15min.) Then after a short lay over it was back on a (big) plane for a 12hr & 15min flight to California! For this flight I left Hong Kong at 4:15p.m. and arrived at 2:20p.m. the same day here in California! The time change is massive between Indonesia and California, Indonesia is 15 hrs ahead! So yesterday my 24 hr day slowly turned into a 39hr day!!!

Pray that my adjustment goes well being back in the United States. My trip to Indonesia was very informative and I'm so glad that I went. Now I have a few days to enjoy some family & friends before heading back to my family who I dearly miss!

He is worthy,


Ben & Ruth said...

WE miss you too!

Jonathan Hall said...

ben, your forgetting the many nights we used to spend awake playing mario kart.

hehehehe jk, sounds like FUN! be sure to call me when you guys are in California, I'll buy you guys dinner.

phil and shell said...

Hey! Welcome back! we're so super jealous that you got to do that - write us an e-mail and give us the scoop!