Monday, July 30, 2007

Indonesia Pitures

I've finally gone through all my Indonesia pictures from my trip today! I've spent over 4 hrs picking through them and putting them on a online picture album for you! There are 169 in total. Click on the link and once you get to the album click 'brose' in the middle right hand side to advice to the next slide. Hope you enjoy! : - )

->->Click Here <-<-


Mom said...


Anonymous said...

Kanes! how are you guys doing? Ben, awesome photos. I'm glad that you got to take that trip and see it Indo. for yourself. I'll be looking forward to hearing more as you guys move ahead. We'll be watching your blog.


Wes & Brenda said...

Nice pictures, Kane! Glad you had a good trip. Would love to talk with you about your impressions of Indo and the people there.