Friday, June 29, 2007

Nova Scotia... the land of lobster!

This past we my sister, Leah and I (along with Chloe & Gwen of course) went to visit one of my other sisters, Joanna. Curtis and Joanna Bergman live up in Nova Scotia with their two kiddos, Natalie & Reuben. It was very nice to get a chance to see family and Curtis' "homeland".
one of the highlights, I would definitely say, was a barbecue we had out on an island. Some of the group did have hotdogs, but... what most everyone was excited about was the seafood! Lobster and mussels. It was soo good. Here are a few pictures to make you all jealous!

Curtis was one of the ones that does not appreciate seafood!

My sister Leah with Gwendolyn

Chloe and all of the lobster!

Me, Leah, & Joanna holding Chloe and Gwen

Thanks Curtis and Joanna! We love you guys and enjoyed our time with you and your family!


Jonathan Hall said...

Our lobster hunting season in California is October-March, so we havent had lobster in a while, i'm Jealous.

BTW, still praying for Ben, the updates and pictures are awesome.

carly said...

hey ruth! loved the pics! that is so cool you made it to nova scotia - it is beautiful there! i love it!

anyways, i miss seeing you guys around here! the campus is so dead right now! it's been neat to read the updates from Ben.

say hi to Chloe for me! :)

love yas!

Ben & Ruth said...

Thanks for the post babe!

Love and miss you all!

~Ben from Bali

C & M said...

Great pictures! What a great trip!

Dave & Katie said...

Love the pictures. Bet it was nice to see family and all that good stuff. Still praying for Ben and can't wait to see all the pictures and hear how the trip was! the way, Dave and I are thinking of heading towards Indonesia now too!