Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Indonesia Rocks!

Hey Everyone! : )
I just wanted to write a quick update and thank everyone for their prayers. My trip has been going great! I've learned TONS about Indonesia and where our family is going to be living in Salatiga on the island of Java. There, we will be learning the language of Indonesian for our first 18 months in Country. This will be a very important time for us because this will be our one window of time to learn the culture & language of the nation people of this country.

Also, pray for me as I'm leaving for Pontianak on the island of Borneo tomorrow to visit another region that NTM works with and maybe visit a tribal work!!!

Loving people & God more,

-Sorry, no pictures to post yet. I'm in a hotel lobby...


Norm & Debra said...

great to hear from you ben!! can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories, I'll have to give you call when we're all back in North America, talk to you soon!

Ben & Ruth said...

Sounds Good Copelands! Hope your trip is gong well.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro

Glad Indo is going well. Say hi to Horling for me! I just got off the boat and I am beat but I wanted to say hi.

Catch up with you later,


Wes & Brenda said...

Hey, glad you are having a great time! Greet the folks in Pontianak for us...especially Josh and Josie =)
We are excited for you. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

This will come out as a "creepy stranger comment" but it's just meant to keep you safe. I'm a like minded person working in a similar situation so I speak from some experience.

The blog is a great way for you to keep up with your supporters but you're giving out a dangerous amount of info about yourself and your company. Beyond the security of your work (Ben's status in Asia), there's the issue of Identity Theft.

Within just a couple of entries, I now know what you do, where you live, the names of immediate family members plus mom/in law. And a whole lot of little deatails a person could use to pretend that they know you. Scarey? Yeah.

Consider talking to someone with your company about what should be include and should not include. Nate would be a start but someone Stateside would be better.

Ben & Ruth said...

Mr Anonymous,

I appreciate your concern for me and my family. In this day and age you really do need to be careful of information that you put out on the internet.
I know I have a lot of information on our website. And there are some things that I’m going to change in the near future. But just to let you know I have and do talk to NTM about what is allowed and what isn’t on our website. You don’t know our bank #, our SS#. You know what town I’m in but you don’t know the address of that town.

I really do thank you for your concern though. We’ll continue to look into things and look to the Lord for guidance on safely and well as how we can inform our family and friends on what/how were doing.

Anonymous said...

I'm not on-line yet, but will be soon! e-mail me..