Saturday, May 26, 2007

House Tour Video!

Seeing as how we're finishing up our New Tribes Mission, we thought we would make a little video of our apartment. Enjoy! : )

House Tour @ NTMC

Music: Our House by Madness


phil and shell said...

i hope your graduation is great! i breathed a huge sigh of relief as i stepped off the stage at ours. will you be in new england at all this year? when are you hopeing to land in Indo? we are thiking late '08. maybe we'll be in the same class or something. :0)


California Kanes said...

Hi Ben, Ruth Chloe and Gwen,
Your home was perfect for you as you trained and schooled in Canada, having NTM give you one of the new apartments for your last year there was really a blessing, and you made it a wonderful home, another family will be blessed and the story goes on.
See you soon,