Sunday, April 29, 2007

Trip To Indonesia

Coming up soon (June 12 – July 5) the Lord has made it possible for me (Ben) to visit the country we plan on serving in. Indonesia! Ideally would love for Ruth and I both to go but with 2 little kids and finances it didn’t work out this time. We have heard from teachers & missionaries that taking a trip like this will be an invaluable experience that will allow us to better understand the field we plan on going to.

Our reasons for going:

1. I'm going so that we can get to know our future home: the people, culture and co-workers.

2. Having never been to Indonesia and really have no idea what we can and cannot get there. Like if you were going to move across the country or around the world, you would want to go and check it out first. We would like to see what the country has to offer and what we feel we need to bring with us.

3. We also want to share with you our future ministry as effectively as possible . We fill that would be from personal experiences. Rather then to present the country to you from what we have been told or read in a book.

Parnter with us. Please be praying that the Lord would continue to work out all the details necessary for this trip. Also, please be praying with us as we trust the Lord for the finances needed for us as we prepare to move & live in Indonesia.

The harvest is plentiful...

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Trinity said...

Ben and Ruth... I am from Indonesia. It's amazing to read how exciting both of you to come to our country... I pray that God uses you wherever you are.