Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Indonesian Massage Anyone?

A few weeks ago my Friend John C. & I we're talking about how great it would be to get a massage after seeing a massage place in the mall we we're in. Not having much money we quickly dismissed the idea. But I was telling him how great it'll be to find some cheap message place in Indonesia where Ruth & I will be!!!! :)

Yesterday John sent me this forward email from Nate & Jewel Horling, missionaries with NTM in Indonesia. It's a must read! It's SO funny!

Today, I used a gift certificate that I got last month and went and got a 45 minute "Imagination" massage. Boy, was I in for a treatment! The spa place said this massage didn't use oil as it was all about the technique.

I was shown into the massage room and told to lay on my stomach and get comfortable, the girl told me to take a deep breath and she would begin. She then proceeded to karate chop me from shoulder to feet as well as my arms and hands for 10 minutes! She had put a thin blanket over me and must not have noticed me holding my breath as she slapped me for 10 minutes. I was getting all sweaty underneath the blanket and thought I was soon going to be coughing up blood. On my arms she kept chopping my funny bone and that did not feel good.

Finally the karate chopping stopped right before I thought I was going to pass out, and then she started pinching from above my heel all the way up to my thigh (I had walked up 3 hills this morning and I thought she was going to give me a muscle cramp!). I was just beginning to relax and enjoy the spa, 25 minutes into it when she began with the karate chopping again for another 10 minutes.

I definitely had to use my "imagination" to help me get through this one - like I will never get mixed up with the mafia as this is probably how they would beat me up without any outward signs of a beating (I know too many books) or maybe this is an ancient Javanese technique for tenderizing a person before they ate them... (ok, just kidding!).

Nate is convinced that these girls that give massages have never been practiced on or practice on cadavers - pain must be the game!

In His Service,
Nate & Jewel Horling

We are definitely reconsidering getting a message in Indonesia....

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