Thursday, March 22, 2007

Focus On The Family

Now that we're on Spring Break we have some really good time to just sit back & focus on our family. It's been great to have time to relax & enjoy things that we've wanted to and not really had the time for. So, today we compiled some video's of our girls and made a movie for those of you to enjoy & see what they've been up to lately.

Video of the Girls!

Music: The sweetest thing by U2


Anonymous said...

Great video! Thanks for giving us a little visit with the girls! Love, Mom
PS - nice dress, Ben

xiljnc said...

OHhhh...that was so GREAT!!! I loved it!!! Thank you!



Whatleys' World said...

Loved it!!! So glad you had a great time! Did you see that I put our site feed on???? :) hee hee Hope you had a great Sunday. We slept in, took naps, and did nothing! Yeah! :)


Looper said...

awww that was wicked cute! I miss those little stinkers! maybe I'll have to hitchhike up there again:)

phil and shell said...

Oh guys! That was sweet - Yeah, we'll be up in New Englad for about a year, starting in May...wasn't in the plan, but it was obviously in THE PLAN. So, we'll be there - look us up!


Laurie said...

That was awesome! Love & Miss you all. Laurie