Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well... What can I say? I think our family is feeling quite like how my 'snow cave' is feeling... Dilapidated.

The Story for the snow cave is: We've had some really warm day's this past week & rain. So as you can see the snow cave didn't really man up to the weather change.
As for our family we're still having a gruesome battle with the flue. I first got it when I came home after our week trip down the the Bible schools in the States. I'm feeling better just still have a sinus infection to work out. Ruth on the other hand got the flue yesterday afternoon. She has gotten the chills a couple of times and has a sinus infection as well, but she also has a really bad sore throat. Not to mention the normal total lack of energy and whole body ache! :( Poor girl...
If you find the time and think of us please pray for our health/getting better. Chloe had the flue but is doing much better now & Gwen hasn't seem to have gotten anything.


P.S. So sorry everyone for not living up to the 'sleeping' in the snow cave. I really wanted too but never found the time with all that's been going on and now dealing with sickness... :(

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Looper said...

OoOoOo thats too bad! I hope you guys all feel better:(!