Monday, February 05, 2007

Snow Cave Day #2

The snow cave project is now well on it’s way! Ruth and I got a lot done on the job of ‘collecting snow in a big pile’ yesterday. But today, thank the Lord, it kinda became a community project! My plan is to build a pretty big snow fort/Canadian tent so it’s taking a lot of work. So today Jinni Shafer & Norm Copeland (both neighbors) decided to chip in!!! We finished building the shape for the most part and tomorrow we may start digging out the in-side! :)

I've been reading up on 'how to' websites for building one of these things. The Support poll is for extra safely (because of kids playing inside during the day) in case of roof fall ins. Vent holes are for Carbon dioxide build up while sleeping... Candle's are for added heat, can help up to '20 degrees! Raised sleeping area also helps for less drafts and better warmth.

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Sarah said...

Ben Kane you make me laugh!!! I can't believe you are building this - but then at the same time, it doesn't really surprise me at all :)