Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Why YOU Should Go to the Mission Field", Keith Green's Final Message

Now that we’re in our final semester (graduate June 2!) missions and the need is a buzz word on campus more then ever! Tonight as I was just surfing the net I found this info from Keith Green. It’s not long and a good read if I say so myself…


Why YOU Should Go to the Mission Field
Keith Green's Final Message

An Introduction By Melody Green
I want to encourage you to read the following article by Keith with an open heart. It was completed only a few days before Keith and two of our children, Josiah and Bethany, went home to be with Jesus in a fatal plane crash. The following message was a real expression of the fresh burden the Lord had put on his heart. As Keith explains, this is so much more than "just another article." It was something that the Lord had put burning in Keith's heart and was to be his new emphasis of message to Christians - especially those Christians in America.

I know that most of you are aware of the fact that Keith's message almost from the start of his ministry was "get right with God!" He wasn't very shy about preaching it, and I know that because of his boldness, many hearts opened up to the Holy Spirit's conviction and the reality of God. Keith so wanted to see every Christian totally sold out to the Lord - not lukewarm or half-hearted - but as he put it in one of his last concerts, bananas for Jesus!

I believe the vision for missions is a completion of Keith's message for Christians to really be right with God. The question is this - once you are right...then what? do you just sit around in your "rightness", or do you seek God's direction to see how and where you can be used most effectively for the Kingdom of God? What the world is dying for is hundreds and thousands of believers who are determined to see the lost find out who their Creator is before they stand before Him on that great and awesome day.

I know it would be Keith's greatest desire (aside from the salvation of the lost) for you to take this matter seriously before the throne of God. If you will lay all your personal goals at the foot of the cross, and ask Jesus what He wants you to do with your life, then I know Keith's burden from the Lord will be born in the hearts of many of you - and carried to the ends of the earth! - Melody

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guess what ruth? i think i've lost out on africa too... and going for indonesia. =P we're two peas in a pod. but i must say... i'm kinda excited. =)