Saturday, January 06, 2007

P.S. = Praise in Sinow

My friend Dun Gordy sent me this email today... It's a good read (and yes we made it home last night @ 11:30 safe and sound).

While in Papua New Guinea in the late 80’s, a field leader gave me a fist full of letters that had been received from several different tribal villages. I think there were 38 or 39 of them. Every one of them said basically the same thing= PLEASE SEND US A MISSIONARY! They tore at my heart and I prayed “Holy God, if you won’t let me go to one of those villages, please let me send someone in my place!” I promised Him I would do all I could to help recruit, train and send as many people in answer to those letters as possible.

If you have heard me preach in the past 20 years you have probably heard me read one of these letters. I think I’ve read one in every church I’ve preached in from Singapore to Seattle, from Malaysia to Maine, from Australia to Alabama, from Bermuda to Bellingham, England to Enderby! I have prayed and challenged others to pray that our Lord would raise up laborers to reach these and so many others who did not know the precious Son of God.

One of those letters is from Sinow, a remote village at the headwaters of the Sepik River. Among other things it says, “you must come, now hurry up”.

Many of you prayed for laborers to go to that remote tribal group and as a result our Lord has answered and sent Frank and Mirjam Tertel and Kelly and Sien Luyendyk, Mike and Jennifer Cratch and their families into Sinow.

By God’s grace, the people of Sinow are now praising their Savior! The Gospel has been preached in Sinow in their own language, in a clear and understandable way. As a result many of them have placed their trust and confidence in our Lord as their own personal Savior.

Let’s praise specifically for the Sinow people and pray sincerely for that new group of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

And let us PRAY SERIOUSLY for more laborers for the other language groups who have never heard! PRAY SERIOUSLY that 2007 will be the year that they hear.

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