Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Chloe!!! :)

Chloe's Birthday Is Today!!!
More Posts to come. Her Party is in 35min. !!!!!!!

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jonathan hall said...

Hippo Birdie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chloe. . . we remember how excited we were to hear that you had arrived safely into the world and we are SUPER excited to see that you have arrived safely to the age of TWO!!! We are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas, hope you had a very fun party, with our love, A. Beth, U. Jeremy, Kiera and Jonas. . . !!!

Looper said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE!!! I hope you had a fun day! I'm sorry this is a little late but I get to see you in just 8 days! I Love you! A. Leah