Saturday, November 04, 2006

Such a Need

This post was referenced from Paul & Sheila Gunderson's Blog
There are so many needs in the world! Entire people groups all over the world that have not had a chance to hear the Gospel in their own language. ( 8 tribes in Paraguay, 29 in the Philippines, at least 50 in Brazil, several hundred in Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, etc.) There is said to be over 3,000 people groups still out of reach of the Gospel today...

We been hearing stories within the last year of tribal men begging for someone to come and teach them about "creator God". One tribal man in the island of Papua, Indonesia, said to the missionary, "if you don't come to tell us about Creator God, our hearts will be like this" he then crumpled up a leaf and tore it to pieces and threw it at the missionary. There is no one to send to them, his tribe is about number 19 on the list!

I've been working on a page on our 'Ministry website' with letters from a few tribes talking about how much they want missionaries. Check it out ->-> Letter from the Tribe

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Jon said...

Thank you Kanes. This is a good reminder for everyone to read. Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to put up a link to this so anyone who meanders onto my site can read this. :)

Hope all is going well, it was great to see you last weekend. I look forward to seeing what our Father will do in and through you!