Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Let's Say Thanks to our Troops!

This is cool!!! The web site allows you to pick a card for an American soldier and send it to them for free. The designs were created by school age kids via a contest and the winning designs are on the web site. You do not have to put in any personal info other than your first name and home town. Every card gets printed by the Xerox Company and sent to an American soldier. You do not get to choose the soldier, but they try to send it to a soldier from your area. It’s nice to know a soldier is getting a little extra something this time of year.


we picked our card. You pick yours :)


Jeff C. said...

What about Canadian soldiers?

Ben & Ruth said...

I don't know. We're American.
Glad to see you're still visiting though...

phil and shell said...

hey, you little americans you - :0)
how's it all goin'? you do a great job on your blog, and i like coming to see what's new!

talk to ya,