Thursday, July 20, 2006

We made it!!!

We left Durham Canada last night at 7:00pm and after 14 hrs of driving we got in the Jackson

house at 9:00am. Lots of driving! Glad that’s over! We’ve spent the rest of this day resting. Ruth and I couldn’t sleep much on the road so we’ve been trading of children all day and napping! Come tomorrow maybe we’ll start trying this so called “relaxing” thing a bit, while in the mist of over due car registration & State vehicle checks & seeing if we can get some passports.

As usual we would Love to hear from you!

Our new summer address:
376 Suncook Valley Rd.
Alton, NH 03809

Phone # 603-875-5242

We’re still trying to get back with people from emails and general life info because we were gone for the month with JC. I feel like we’ve been in a coma for the last month and now we’re so trying to catch up with everything!!! I’m also going to try as soon as I can to make a JC Photo Album, tell you how everything went, and post some videos as soon as I can!


(sneak peak of our Jungle Camp Photo's...)


Curtis & Joanna said...

What a cutie, look at all that hair! Can't wait to see you guys, in one week!!!
Love, Joanna for the Bergmans

Laurie said...

I love it! Perfect picture for Jungle camp. Will see you soon.
Love ya...

Mamacita said...

She is adorable!!! What a cutie. Where'd did Gwen get that gorgeous head of dard hair?

Hey, could you guys please go talk to a Realtor about keeping theie eyes out for a little house under $100,000? Then have the realtor keep me posted by e-mail. Thank you ... Love you lots..