Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pray for Ruth

Ruth has been having contractions now for about 5 days. They tend to be pretty off and on (not very regular). But there are times when they’ve been consistent and some what intense! Her body is very much getting ready!!! Pray for her in that she has been very uncomfortable and not sleeping well. I’ve been very proud of her and she’s doing a great job.

Any day now…..or hour (Chloe was 3 days early)


P.S. Only 4 days to go!!!


Looper said...

YAHOO!4 days, eh? ok then ruthy tomorrows your day!! or not but it'll be fun to see this little girl

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruthie...we are lifting you in prayer, for an easy, safe delivery, for our new grandaughters arrival, any day now. Another to be born on the 16th? Waiting for the call.We are very proud of you too.
Love and hugs,
Dad and Judy