Friday, April 21, 2006

Family Name Meanings...

For those of you who might care about name meanings I thought I might post ours... Hope you Enjoy!

P.S. We've moved to a new apartment here on campus! It's bigger and way nicer then the one we had. That's why we've been extra busy and kinda out of the internet loop these last couple of days! I'll post more pictures soon (I need to find my camera first though...).

Benjamin -> Son of the right hand
Michael -> who is like God

Ruth -> Companion, friend
Elisabeth -> Consecrated to God, Promise of God

Chloe -> Blooming (1 Cor. 1:11)
Noel -> Precious gift

Gwendolyn -> Fair hared, white brow, bright, blessed
Lael -> Of God, belonging to Jehovah (Num. 3:24)


Looper said...

thats what Noel means?! and all this time I had thought it meant Christmas! well now I know what my name means thanks guys!

Mom Jax said...

Hi - sorry you had to move just after the birth, but what a treat to have "facilities" under your own roof. I loved the pic of Gwen in the pink blanket - Love, MomJ

Ben & Ruth said...

To Looper: Yes, Sometimes Noel does mean Christmas...but it also means "Precious gift".

Looper said...

aww thats nice!