Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Ministry Website!

Hey There,
Well, it's finally finished. After a lot of work & time we have put together a new ministry website! We're really excited about it and want you to check it out! Our hope is that it will help you to better understand what our heart and passion is. Also what all our training is about. Our ultimate goal with this website is to be glorifying & honor the Lord. So, enjoy!

You can click on the "Our Ministy" button down on the side bar or on the one below.

Hope all is well,
The Kane family


Looper said...

pretty shweet...

Jared & Jess said... response to Chivo's comment: Yes! Jared will be out of the Air Force the middle of April and they are moving our stuff and storing it all summer for free! At least we know the past 6 years (Jared's been in the Air Force that long!) was worth something! :)