Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Interesting Poem

The Outsider poem by Dave Tippett

Here's a poem written by a youth worker, inspired by the Littleton tragedy:

He was a dweeb in the eyes of some.
A loner.
He was different.
Spoke of strange things.
Weird things.
Things that no one had heard before.
His dad had a bad reputation with some.
He tried to talk about his relationship with his father.
Few of the teachers listened. Or cared.
He belonged to a gang.
A gang that was considered dangerous.
It roamed the town, causing local authorities trouble.
He got in people's faces.
He hung out with losers.
Rich kids hated him.
Some said Satan was in him.
He called the teacher names.
To their faces.
He lived on the streets.
He called himself God.
He got violent once.
He was expelled for it.
But he came back.
He talked about his own death calmly.
He promised to come back from the dead.
One of his gang got him arrested.
He defended himself in court. He lost.
The state executed him. It was a horrible death.
On the third day, he kept his promise.

Dave has given his unlimited permission to reprint this poem.
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