Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Brakes 101

Today we had are PTC (Practical Training Class) on Brakes! Our friend and fellow student Jim Abbott knows alot about various different kinds of brakes and how they work, so he was our instructor today. We leaned a lot and had some fun in doing so, although this is my second brake class since I’ve been here at NTMC, I can still say that I have little to no confidence in ever having to do a brake job by myself. Therefore I thank the Lord for people like Jim that know and have the ability to do such jobs :)


Karl Herrick said...

Sweet pic Kane... looks like a hot rod with all those cool colors!

Jonathan Hall said...

lots of brakes needing fixed in remote villages?

Ben & Ruth said...

Yes, Jonathan Hall. Many or most missionaries on the field have a vehicle of some kind and will need brake fixes now and then.