Saturday, October 08, 2005

What a day in our life looks like

I thought I would give you all a little look into our life, so you would know just how our days functioned. Our morning starts about 6:30am with the wonderful sound of our alarm clock (Chloe). After Chloe is all taken care of, then Ben and I can sit down for some breakfast of our own. Class starts at 8:00am, so we end up heading over to Child Care, where Chloe will spend her morning, at about 7:45am. Say our good byes and it’s off to class.

We have both been enjoying class. We are going over Animism right now (We’ll tell you more about that later). Right about noontime is when class’ get over. Ben and I race over to see who can get Chloe first. She is always excited to see us coming! We are then off to our little Apartment, Where I will throw some thing together for lunch. Ben is pretty easy to please, Praise the Lord! As 1:30pm rolls around Chloe is off for a nap and Ben is off to his afternoon session of Practical Training Class. He will spend the afternoon working on different projects around the school campus. This is to help teach skills, so that when we are over seas and there is no one around when something breaks, Ben will have an idea of how it all works and might be able to fix it.

My afternoons a pretty simple, I stay at home with Chloe. In that time I either clean the house, or go grocery shopping, or do the laundry. You know, all the normal things that a wife and a mum need to get accomplished. Chloe and I usually enjoy going out for a Walk to the swings right around 3:00pm.
By 4:30pm we are ready to head back to the house and start thinking about getting some dinner. Ben will be coming home by 5:00pm. Chloe is always excited to see her Dad. After dinner we have a little bit of family time, which no one enjoys more then Chloe I am sure.
The bedtime routine starts about 7:00pm, Chloe will get her bath and bottle. Then it’s off to bed. I’m then able to make the hike to the restrooms, only about 150 yards away, to take my shower. We then usually do some Bible reading or required reading.

Our day closes down about 10:00pm. Life is busy, but we know that the tools we are going to learn in these next few years are going to be vital to us being able to clearly communicate the gospel to the people over seas. If you have any questions about our training or New Tribes mission please let us know by righting a comment or getting in contact with us, we would love to talk with you!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

~ Ruth

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