Saturday, October 08, 2005

In class today

In class today we looked at how we need a clear picture of who God is and what He is like because what we think about God affects every area of our lives. We looked a little at what a wonderful God we serve. God is interested in every detail of our lives, because He wants us to see Himself in every aspect of our lives. What a thrill it is to serve a God who is Good & Faithful all the time. We might not always believe He has been that way for us in our lives. BUT it is possible for us to have wrong thinking; I say this because God is good and faithful all the time… We always have to come back to the place of thinking that our God is truly an Awesome God. He knows everything about us; He always knows what’s best for us. He’s not limited to human weakness as we are, He can do anything He pleases. For feeding the five thousand all they had was a child’s lunch. But in the hand of Jesus that was more then enough. They even had 12 extra baskets of food after feeding the five thousand! I have the privilege of calling God my Father because I have a relationship through His Son Jesus Christ. If you do not have this relationship and an understanding of Jesus & God and would like to know more about how you also can know you’re going to heaven. Please email us.

GOD IS……….

Holy, Deliverer, Father, Revealer, Long Suffering, Redeemer, Author, Loving, Merciful, Lord/Savior, Worthy of Praise, Mighty, Provider, Trust worthy, Love, Kind, Immutable, The “I Am”, Truth, Faithful , Righteous, Pre-Existent, Living, Perfect, Caring, Active, Gracious, Unconditional, Master, Forgiving, Friend, Patient, High Priest, Awesome, Incomparable, joy, Just, & So many more…

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