Monday, October 17, 2005

Canadian Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful time getting to visit some of our family over Canadian Thanksgiving! First we stopped at Jackson Michigan and visited Jeremy & Beth (Ruth’s sister) Everson. It was good to see them and great to hang out for a little while, it has been a bit of time since we saw them last and their two little kids (Jonas & Kiera). Check out their blog to see more on the Everson’s ->

After driving the 10 plus hrs we made it to Wisconsin. Even though the drive was long it was all worth it to see Chris (my brother) and his wife Melissa & their two dogs Aladdin & Jasmine. We hadn’t seen them since May of this year, that’s 5 months or so. Chloe has grow and changed so much that we couldn’t help ourselves from wanting to go and see them and enjoy playing catch up for a weekend. They took us out to dinner, the pumpkin farm, the zoo, and had some good family time. We miss them much and really enjoyed seeing them and having the opportunity, seeing as how we don’t know when we’ll be able to see them again. Check out their website to see and learn more about Chris & Melissa Kane ->

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